Bought the complete collection during free weekend but can not play anymore?

I bought the whole collection during the free weekend a little bit ago and just figured that would give me full access to the game once it was no longer free on steam. I went to play it yesterday and steam tells me that the License has expired. DO I still need to buy access to the game even though I already bought all the cards?

I think the all cards pack is different from purchasing the game sadly. The pricing is pretty rough atm.

The short answer is Yes, you still need to buy the game. To be clear the in game purchase of the collection was, in fact, an in game purchase for your account. You have never actually purchased the game. The cards you own on your account are still owned and if you purchase the game or log in once the game goes free to play, you will still have access to all of the cards you purchased.

Ok, thanks for the heads up.