Braggin' Brawl #2 - Team Tournament

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##Braggin Brawl#2 Team Tournament

lbrande and ChiefBromden from The Badger Guild, are hosting a team tournament on June 4th at 16:00 CEST.

Every team consists of three players and as many subs as you like, but when signing up you have to declare your three players 1 to 3 and in that order you will be matched up with the according players of the other team.

You can sign up until the 4th, 13:00PM CET.

To sign up, please leave a message here (or on the reddit post, or contact me via discord) including your team name, your team captain and the 3 players competing for your team, with their in-game names and a way to reach your team captain through Discord.


The format will be best of three between the players on same spot (1 to 3). The team with two or more wins will go on to the next round, until only two teams are left. The two remaining teams will fight for the win in a King of the Hill final. Seeding will use the results from Braggin Brawl#1.

###King of the Hill Final

Each team will name one player who will go first. The winning player stays on and plays the other teams second player and so on, until all players of one team have lost. All games in final will be best of one.

If both teams in the final have subs who can/want join their line up, teams can be up to five players for the final but those players have to be clearly connected to the team, ideally named as subs before tournament started. If not we might give one person, that the team can choose themselves, a second life.

###Deck Rules

At least 15 cards must differ between any two decks you use. The winning player has to change deck, losing player has the choice to change or keep playing his losing deck.


Every player of the winning team, who played at least one game gets:

  • 2500g
  • 1 Battle Chest
  • 1 Pandora Coin.

The real prize is the bragging right and that is guaranteed for the winning team!


In contact with MetagamingTV, will announce anything final here and on discord.


Brackets will be handled internally via Google Docs and linked on the reddit thread and within Discord.

For any questions please contact ChiefBromden or lbrande. We are happy to answer all tournament related questions you might have.

Get a team, sign-up and brag about your victory!

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