Bringing Back the Empire, Neutral Wildless

Of late years, much like the empire itself, neutral cards have been at the back, and special-landless, regular, down to earth imperials have been scattered to the winds. A week ago I sat out feverishly deck-crafting to unite my twin passions of structures and neutrals together and gained rather excellent success, and tonight. I lost my first neutral wildless mirror.
In fact I run a few Faeria Trees, and the mirror used very different units.

The key argument in defense of neutral cards I must say to the pros and the experts alike is that plains land placement is a change of board and maneuvering, collection and flexibility that isn’t afforded elsewhere.

Cards load invariably slowly for me on the deckbuilder online here, but when don’t have 150k connections I’ll upload my first surprisingly successful variant of “Imperial Rush”. which is really more focused as a Production Rush deck. (Ho Ra)

I did allot of crafting around Empire decks. I can’t deny theme may sway my decision-making some, but you’d just have to see it to believe what type of pressure neutral provides.

Thoughts, comments, request for videos? ~I’ve got some footage.

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