Bringing rush from strategy to tactic

Hi guys, playing the ranked matches in 10+ and 5+ leagues I can see many decks built to heavily and quickly bring to 0 the opponent life in the very first rounds (rush decks). I think it makes the game poorer as a mere repetition of few mechanics for every deck, where one side just build a road in a straight line while the opponent have to pray for a feasible draws in the next 3 rounds, also without a gratifying feeling, but leaving an oppressing impression and desire to uninstall the game after loosing against 3 rushes in a row (in particular new players that have also to encounter secondary accounts of expert players in the ladder).

Now there are really strong “combo” to even one shot the opponent and the situation seems quite critical in a future growing prospective where the new players have to stay active for a long period of time enjoying the game.

So, an easy solution could be to rise the base orb life a little, for example to 30 from 20. In this way the rush becomes a tactic for the game “opening” that gives to his driver the necessity to build something more consistent for the second part of the game where he ll pay a more restrictive condition compared to the rushed player, that now can have more chances to survive and play from a defensive deployment.

In practice it’s hard that any match will stand for more than a couple of extra turns, but at least the rush itself will be a part of a strategy, not the whole game (of 10 rounds) anymore :slight_smile:

I dont know that rush is really a problem, it depends on what deck you use and what variation of rush your opponent is using. If anything rushing is not viable and could stand for a buff. While I don’t think it actually should get one, it should at least be around as an option to counter certain metas and to prevent people from being too lazy with their early land placement/ card choices.

Also the point of a rush is to kill the opponent asap, and attempting to rush puts the rush player in a very tenuous position. not being able to collect properly, being at the mercy of your draws and your opponents draws, and working against a clock (rush needs to win before the opponent can stabilize) means that rush cant be a part of a strategy, but has to be the strategy, as it leaves the rusher in a horrible state when it fails.

There are enough viable ways to counter rush without making you too weak to other matchups, personally I have moved back to playing blue green enchant decks to counter the rushes i have experienced, that tipping the field any further in the defense’s favor would make rush nonexistent rather than rare. While I hate rush with a passion, I would rather it exist than never have to make deck tech choices to counter it.

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Lots has been balanced around the 20 health value, not just rush - for example, red burn decks. You would need a massive rebalance after you adjust god health.

This would also lead to longer games, meaning more time to place lands, making the land-cost of cards less of a problem, which would again mess with balance.

Lastly, with RNG games like Faeria you have to train yourself to not get annoyed if you get some bad luck - or a string of it. Eventually you get to where you should be - it might just take a few dozen games. (Of course that doesn’t work for tournaments, which need more games per match IMHO).