Broken Card Rarity buttons on "Chests" page

I’m playing on an iPad. In the CHESTS page/screen there are 4 symbols just under the Mythic chest counter. When I touch and hold each one with my finger, the correct word appears for the correct color, but it appears BEHIND the box graphics, making it unreadable. In both the PC/MAC and the iOS version I think it would be better to simply display this information (color and name) at the very bottom of the screen, no tap and hold/mouse-over required. Why make this information something you need to do an extra mouse-move, or iOS tap and hold to see??? Just have it permanently displayed the the bottom, like this:

@ = Common @ = Rare @ = Epic @ = Legendary

P.S. And why has auto-rotate not been added yet?!?!

Thank you for reading~

Could someone confirm this please? Another player also on iPad, or someone from Abrakam.

The iOS problem I mean.

Thanks in advance~