(Budget!) Ancient RGB

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Q: “Damn, Seed of Paradise is an Oversky card… What should I switch them for?”
A: Wood and Water Elementals are great swaps, in fact, they make the deck even more budget friendly. Cheers!

About the deck:

Ancient synergy, taunt, and heavy creautures means you should own the board everytime. You play this as control-oriented as you possibly can, taking EVERY SINGLE value trade.

This deck is particularly effective against rush (especially yellow), has very obvious lines, which allows you to turn off your brain and just play it on autopilot. However, it’s a bit of a hard-mulligan for turn 2 creatures, and considering we need 7 lands total, going for double neutrals must be a VERY cautious decision, as it will slow you down. (3 Blue, 2 Green, 2 Red = 7 colors total)

Important things to keep in mind: There are only 8 Rare cards here, and they fit a LOT of other decks, so the Memoria cost for everything would be

Rares: 8 * 20 = 160 Memoria
Commons: 22 * 5 = 110 Memoria
Total = 270 Memoria

(Note* In the original List, there are 3 Seeds of paradise, which are Epics. They cannot be crafted since they’re from the Oversky Expansion, so I added only the prices for Elementals :wink: )

How do I play it:

For your mulligan, you’re looking for anything you can play on turn 2 (Explore + Kobold Warlord is the dream) and a landramp (Seed / Elementals)

For land placement, be cautious of where you intend to place Forests and Mountains, as your taunts come from those, blue lands should be placed close to where the action is, as your Ancient Heralds aren’t the most mobile of creatures.

Your basic win condition is to flood the oponent’s face with several bulky creatures, remember to have lands which allow you to reach them, though, as walking around isn’t this deck’s forte.

Cards to consider adding in to upgrade / adapt the list (in no particular order):

-> Emerald Salamander: it’s quite amazing, the buffs and damage are a bit situational, but it’s statlines include the Ancient Synergy, so it’s rarely a complete waste.

-> Groundshaker: The only reason why this card isn’t in my list is because it’s an Epic. It’s an all-out amazing card, great statline, deals AoE, and costs only 6f, an invaluable tool against swarm decks.

-> Shifting Octopus: great flex pick, this guy is the swiss-army-knife of creatures, I highly recomend forcing the +2 health buff though, as it will grant you Ancient Synergy (to be confirmed).

-> Deepwood Stalker: the spider is a good removal tool, it gets rid of pesky collectors who don’t want to show up to the party, and is an overall fun card.

-> Mystic Beast: Requires aggressive landrushing, but once this thing is on board, it has a great reach, great stats and a neat 3f cost - you can’t miss a deal this good!

-> Posessed Ursus: swap your Grizzly’s for these guys and you’ll find yourself with crazy attack numbers swarming the board, they’re epic, though, and that’s not very budget, which is why they’re not included in the original list.

-> Tethra, Soul of the Wild: this guy is a MEAN buffing machine. It can basically allow you to trade with any non-lategame deck with a very forceful swing, but then again, being a legendary doesn’t fit the “Budget!” theme…

-> Ruunin, The Relentless: This foxy friend is a great ally, Ruunin is able to force transformation effects, which means they’re not going to be played on your other creatures.

-> Dream Keeper: So you like more taunts? This guy does the trick, as well as allowing you to redraw your hand! For 4 Faeria, it’s stats aren’t amazing, but it steadily lowers your deck’s cost, so it can pay for itself in the long run.

-> Underground Brigand: An annoying little rat, this guy will produce you extra faeria as he fights, which can be a good consideration, as this list has an average cost of 4.5f . (good averages go for around 4ish, imo)

-> Syland Horsemaster: This list has no mobility, so this guy is an amazing choice, however, it requires linear land placement, which isn’t exactly handy.

-> Sagami Grovecaller: This guy is another mobility choice, be picky with your forests, though.

Sorry for the long list, I’m aiming towards new players, so I’m adding variety \o\

Land type(s): Neutral, Forest, Mountain, Lake
Faeria cost: 4.6
Difficulty: Beginners

2x FROGIFY (4f 3L)
2x OAKLING (5f 2F)
3x GRIM GUARD (4f 2M)