Budget Burn

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Burn is probably one of the cheapest decks that can be made in the game right now. The idea is to simply harvest faeria while killing your enemy creatures, which will usually coincide with dealing damage to him at the same time.
Due to low mountain requirements on cards, you will only need to create 2 mountains (preferably one to one side and second to other side of your deck), and create prairies 1-2 times to get your harvesting spots. After that you are free to use your power to either get more faeria or draw more cards (if you are running low).
Some alternative cardchoices:

  • [Card=198]Kobold barracks[/Card] is in the codex and allows for nice synergies with your combat creatures.
  • [Card=4]Syland Horsemaster[/Card] allows you to get your combat creatures across. Hitting opponent’s face is expecially rewarding with how combat mechanic works.
  • [Card=191]Underground Brigand[/Card] is not the best card for this deck, but in combination with 2 aforementioned cards, it could allow for a more combat focused deck that puts more emphasis on buffs and fighting.
    As the collection grows, then cards like [Card=223]bomb slinger[/Card], [Card=237]groundshaker[/Card], [Card=244]firestorm[/Card] and [Card=232]garudan[/Card] become powerful options that allow to either change the deck into more of a control deck ([Card=335]rebel slinger[/Card], [Card=213]seifer fodder[/Card] and [Card=211]shedim brute[/Card] would be the first ones to go in that case). On the other hand cards like [Card=358]Hellfire[/Card] and [Card=215]Lord of Terror[/Card] would allow to be more focused on the “all in on burn” plan.