Budget F2P -> Godrank. Yellow Rush (80% winrate & video)

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Good Morning!

Lately there has been a lot of discussions about the free-to-play experience in Faeria so I decided to create a new account to see how difficult it is to get a good deck.

After finishing the free solo-content (and getting a recruiter) I crafted a deck and played it all the way to godrank (roughly 80% winrate).

In your mulligan you want to look for Air Elementals, Wind Gate and Haste-creatures/Khalims Prayer. See the video for more information :slight_smile:

This deck is heavily inspired by Champy’s yellowrush list, https://www.faeria.com/the-hub/deck/512-high-winrate-yellow-rush but I opted for extra Elementals and Choking Sands.


Land type(s): Desert
Faeria cost: 2.4
Difficulty: Intermediate

1x WIND GATE (1f 1D)
3x SOUL DRAIN (2f 2D)
1x DOOMSDAY (4f 2D)


Looks nice.
Can you show more duels where doomsday help you win games? I tried doomsday with yellow rush a lot and did not succeed. (On your video, I did not see a deal either)
What do you think about change 1 zealous crusader by Khalim? I’m not attracted to 3/3 or 4/4 crusader.

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MaxisZ thanks!
I dont think I have any recorded games where I win with doomsday, but it has helped me win a few games. It is very risky versus burn though especially if you already had some Shaytan Demons out!
I will keep recording when I play the deck and if I do some good doomsdays I will make a video with them :slight_smile:

And about Khalim, he doesnt fit since this is a Budget f2p deck that you can craft really early after starting playing. But I am not sure if I would add him even if it wasnt a budget deck. But it could be worth testing!

I will check this as soon server get back :slight_smile:

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Do you still play Doomsday Post nerf or did you swap it out now? If so what did you put it? Thanks :slight_smile:

I think I will keep using Doomsday Tarsonis.
Usually when you end up being behind and need to doomsday you have spent a few turns drawing cards anyway, so you will likely have enough Faeria and even if you dont, your opponent might overcommit if you just pass turn two more times which would then give you even more value out of Doomsday! :slight_smile:
But it could also backfire ofcourse :slight_smile:

If you want to remove it I would recommend adding a Last Nightmare!

I was testing this deck, and I just wanted to add that sometimes Doomsday can bring you more problem then help. 5 times I used it when I had pushed in corner and 1x it did job. Maybe timing was bad but I will test tommorow Last Nightmare. I think that would work great.

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Thanks for making a budget deck @J0k3se. Hope to see more in the future!

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rly nice deck!
can you make it stronger with more memoria? if the answer is yes, what do you change?

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I dont think I would change anything to be honest. Maybe add Khalim Sky Prodigy instead of the Death Walker or a flash wind? Not sure :slight_smile:

Best deck of all I have ever seen. Most of opponent’s can’t do anything with it. I played faeria about 60 hours and… with 1.5 hour with this deck i recieve gold rank. Only two evenings i needed. :slight_smile: it’s a great quick deck with big mobility, strong buffs for God attack, many strong cheap cards.
Super! Thank you for it and my new rank. Godrank is near! :))

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The comment doubled… please, delete the second one. :slight_smile:

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Hi there! I’m a f2p player and newbie (playing for about a month), and when I saw this deck I knew I had to try it out, mostly because I already have most of the cards except a few I had to craft.

I gave the deck a test run yesterday on casual mode, and I won 5 out of 5. Good, right? So then I tried it on ranked mode. At first, I was winning about 80% of the time like you said, but once I got to 20th rank, I noticed most of the players I faced were wise to my strategy, and I started wining only about half the time. One thing I noticed, the players I was losing to focused on taunting creatures, which this deck seems horribly susceptible to. If my creatures are taunted, I can’t attack the enemy god and then the opponent can take his/her time summoning creatures near my god. This is especially true to green decks where a lot of creatures have taunt and also can have their life increased.

So I was wondering if anyone knew how to deal with this issue. Any help is appreciated. Note: I swapped death walker with another air elemental, since those cards seem to have good synergy with the haste creatures, and I never found a use for the DW. Thanks in advance!

Choking Sand is specifically included to deal with Taunt creatures, they usually have low attack. You can use Last Nightmare too, but more expensive in faeria cost.

You can also use Flash Wind to move your creatures or move away the Taunt creatures. Oradrim Fanatic does the same job, but only for your creatures.

Death Walker is another way to deal with huge creatures. But that takes at least one more turn.

Wind Soldier has haste so it can attack immediately. If you can get Taunt creature health low enough, Wind Soldier can kill it immediately. Soul Drain helps too of course.

Did you watch Jokse’s video? He showed how to deal with Taunt I think.

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I have used these strategies with some success, but most opponents really like using forest guardian, especially directly in front of their god, and it is immune to choking sand. Also, green players like to use a combination of living willow, forest guardian or wood elemental, then buffing them with shamanic dance, tiki piper, tiki caregiver, etc. to make them even harder to get rid of. Finally, flash wind is hit or miss with me because usually the creature is in a place where I can’t move it, or I do move it, but then I only deal 2 or 3 damage to the god before my creature is removed and then I’m back to square one.
I watched the video, but none of those taunt creatures were buffed, which made them easier to remove. I guess I should include death walker back into the deck to see if it is able to deal with these kinds of creatures?
I’ll play a few more games and report back later with my results, but one thing is fore sure: most players reeeeaaallly like green decks, which seem to be the hardest to deal with.

Working. Even without a part of the cards. Thx.
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