BUFF Everbloom Wisp PLS

Too bad it ALWAYS dies before I can get it more than a 3/4 EVERY TIME! I honestly think theres many cards in the game that you can instantly gain value from or at least decent value on the second turn. But our bloom wisp friend is so weak that it is a ez target for any low damage event and because of its potential its a guaranteed target basically. With the nerfs to Wild growth and Earthcraft, theres just no way to get real growth from a wisp too quickly (excluding a tarum) so their nerfs were nerfs to any hopeful Everbloom deck creator. And on top of that, Everbloom wisp has a finite growth potential (it cant exceed the boards land limit without other events) I am just sad to see such a unique playstyle ignored which is double sad because its a playstyle that can only really happen in a game like faeria due to its living board. I personally think Everbloom Wisp should start as either a 3/3 or a 1/4, or it just doesnt live to turn 2. that way you’re also ACTUALLY getting a 4/4 for 4 faeria(if you make a forest AFTER summoning it) Its already such a limited card due to it can only be run in a mono green list (realistically)

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Also, unless you COMPLETELY invest your deck into forest generation, your wisp often only gains +1/+1 a turn, and if you do put heaps of forest generation in yo deck, you’ve over invested in the wisp and will loose 9/10 times for sure