[Bug] 2 bugs in pandora


I play with a friend and he plays Lore Thief (1/1 , draw 2 cards). With the 2 cards, he opens the pandora and he draws only 1 cards: the second cards was the treasure. (or I didn’t see the second card).

And I think they are a error in average cost of decks: they are 33 cards in deck, not 30 (with the 3 treasures).

Hi zebabas!
The player who opens Pandora uses her “draw” to gain the treasure. So if your friend drew one card + one treasure that is actually 2 cards drawn from Lore Thief! :slight_smile: There has been discussions on how fair it is, that one players draw will be spent to give 1 card for each player, but the developers feel that the player who gets the chance to play their treasure-cards first has a nice advantage, so they chose to not make the player draw an additional card.

I will let the devs know about the Average cost, thanks!

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Ok but if you draw a card at the beginning of your turn and open Pandora, you draw the treasure + one card (and the opponent draw a treasure).
Why it’s not the same with lore Thief?

If you draw a card in the beginning of your turn and it opens a pandora, you dont draw a new card, you only get the treasure.

oups sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
But the player who opens pandora has only 3 faeria. It’s a disadvantage

Yeah :slight_smile:
Currently its like this (if im not misstaken):

Player who opens Pandora gets 1 treasure, 0 normal draw, 3 Faeria.
Next player gets 1 treasure, 1 draw and 6 Faeria.

So the “price” to play treasure first is 3F and 1 card. :slight_smile:

Is it fair? Thats for us to find out by playing :smiley: