Bug ? Achat terminé / "Purchase complete ?"


I just got “Achat terminé” (something like “Purchase completed”) message during the game. The message came with two “blue coffers”.

The problem, I don’t buy coffers … or any other items.


Wasn’t it a recruitment reward message?

I don’t apply for guild or thing like that.

I connect today to the game and got my “daily rewards” (325 crystals).

Then I play the 3 daily Pandore training combat without loosing any. It could be the same yesterday and the day before. Is that the rewards for 9 victory in a row ?

Thx in any case.

I have just connected and I also received 2 battle chest

Same here. Got them right after completing a Pandora Practice Mode.

I got this bug too. :smiley: Best bug ever! :laughing:

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I got the same bug here !

Like those bug ^^

Here is the reason why some players have received 2 Battle Chests: https://www.faeria.com/news/announcements/154-incident-report-saturday-may-6th


Thanks Team Abrakam!