[BUG] card not discounting correctly

I had 4 forrests down, and a bloomsprite (add a random green card to your hand it costs 3 less) The random card I got was a Primeval colossus (costs 1 less (faeria) for each special land you have) It was added to my hand for 12 total. So the bloomsprite did not hit it at all, it should have been added for 9 faeria (3 off + 4 off for lands)
Everyone else agree?

Hi Xenyn, the colossi doesnt get the cost-reduction from cards like Bloomsprite and Spring Mochi at the moment. I believe the reason for that is that the cards are coded to not go below the “Minimum cost” printed on the card. Might be a misstake that they are not discounted until that point. If it is intentional the description of the card might need to get changed a bit!

seems that if it doesnt get the reduction, It should not be part of the random green pool for bloomsprite to pull from.