[Bug] Changing avatar crash

Tested on OSX 10.11.5

Steps for reproduction:

  • Start the game :flushed:
  • Enter game :scream:
  • Go to the profile screen :wink:
  • Go to the avatar selection screen :confused:
  • Select a different avatar :sleeping:
  • Again, select a different avatar for a second time :tired_face:
  • now the game crashes :cry:

Thanks for reporting this! I’ll make sure the devs see this first thing tomorrow.

Hi Katywings.

I’ve tried to replicate your issue but, for some reason, it’s not causing it to crash.

Have you verified the current version of your client, and uninstalled/reinstalled the client too?


Hey Gareth

Thx for your quick answer. I verified the version and the files and it couldnt find any problems - but I also reinstalled the client to be sure ;).

Latest tests made with Build … .18904

Here you can find a video of the bug: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/157884300/Faeria%20Bug.webm

(My OSX is in german: at the end of the video the Translation for “Programm reagiert nicht” obviously is “Program isn’t responding”)

At the start of the video there is also another problem to be seen:

  • when I select Windowed in the Game Start Settings it will switch to Fullscreen anyway
  • *i found out later today, that this (windowed) bug gets fixed when I disable the Steam Overlay for Faeria! *

But sadly as it is: disabling Steam Overlay doesn’t fix the avatar problem :cold_sweat:

Brilliant, thanks for the video and further info.

This is perhaps peculiar to the Mac version of the client so I’ll ask the devs to focus on that.

Fyi: I didn’t see something in the patch notes, but it looks like the change avatar crash bug is fixed.

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Yeah, I’ve tried to replicate the issue and, as of yet, it’s not happened again.

It wasn’t specifically mentioned when I was building the patch post, but then the Devs are quite busy :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any problems.