Bug - Creature could not do any action

This was a weird bug and I am not sure what happened.

As can be seen in the picture, one of my creature, which did not act on that turn, does not have the “able to do something” highlight. Clicking that creature did not do anything at all. Here is what happened step by step.

Previous turn
-I attacked the enemy god with my 4/6 Grizzly
-I destroyed an Oakling on the forest to the right of the enemy god with my ogre
-I created the forest on left of the enemy god and summoned the 3/8 Grizzly
Enemy turn
-Plays the 6/10 Lord of Terror
This turn
-The bug I mentioned happened. After taking the screenshot, I was running out of time, so things happened fast.
-I created a forest where the green “F” is drawn
-I attacked the enemy god with my 3/8 Grizzly and my Ogre.
-I clicked on my 4/6 Grizzly, which could attack at that point, and attacked the enemy god.
-I finished him with the Flame Burst, so I was not able to take another screenshot.

I hope any of this is meaningful.