BUG: Crystal Flower

I’m sure this isn’t right…

The description of Crystal Flower says ‘Imprisons a creature inside this. When this dies, the creature is released’

However I’ve had a few occasions when my imprisoned creature dies as soon as it is released.

In my last game - my 5/5 Sturdy Shell was imprisoned by a Crystal Flower. I hit the Crystal Flower with two 3/2 Ninja Toads…my Sturdy Shell was released and died instantly.

Is this because the imprisoned creature is taking the same damage as the Crystal Flower?

I’ve lost a few games because of this behaviour - usually because I’ve attacked the Crystal Flower. I’m expecting my imprisoned creature to reappear and it dies - Game Lost.

I must also say I really don’t like Crystal Flower as a card - way too powerful and it can completely reverse a game with no skill.

That’s a behavior that goes directly against what the card says. You really need screenshots for something like this.

It’s probably because it was an aquatic creature out of the water. If a creature ends your turn on an incompatible land it dies. Typically a non-flying over the ocean, but the same idea applies here.

If the flower brakes on your opponents turn you should get your next turn to move it before it dies from being on the wrong land.

If the aquatic creature died immediately after being released (not at the end of your turn) then I would still consider it a bug.

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had some trouble with that card too, i had a scourgeflame specter imprisonned by a cristal flower wich i released with a bomb slinger, but the scourgeflame appeared to be stuck beetwin two lands.
tho having haste i should had been able to move it and attack but i couln’t.
here’s a screenshot :

this is not the first time is see creatures bugged out by a cristal flower and i would like to know if that interaction with haste is a bug or is intended.

Heya. Sturdy shell died end of turn to being an aquatic creature on land. In this case it’s best to let the flower die on thenppponents turn so you can move the shell before the end of your next turn. Crystal flower not letting you haste is intended. The in between two lands issue is a visual bug but is not intended