Bug Dream Keeper+ failed experiment

I used failed exepirment. ALL creatures in my hand got 4F reduction. When I played the Dream Keeper,
all cards in my hand got 1F reduction ON TOP of the 4F reduction. And then they shuffled back in my deck.

Some creatures I drew in the following turns had there cost reduced by 5. This is broken.
Also, I couldn’t play some of them even tough I got the faeria for it. Pls fix xxx

We ask now that you please issue all bug reports to our official bug reporting form at:

from Atmaz on Discord

You probably won’t get a response from reporting a bug, may be an automated one

It’s possible you’ll get a response by making a post here. I did, when I lost a game to the Grappling hook bug that they patched a few days later. What I did though was have multiple screenshots describing the situation, and I detailed what actions I made. Although, you still should probably just do what xploring said.