Bug: Endless Jalmyr

Every time I go to the middle quest, it plays the same stupid Jalmyr puzzle. It’s the same, easy puzzle everytime, and it’s getting a little annoying. Even when it says I have an epic quest, it still goes to a puzzle!! I then quit out and went back in and it was still “Jalmyr Puzzle #3”. Any fixes for this?

Just to be sure, this has happened to you after today’s Hotfix update?


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I’m a new player , experienced same issue . Every time i go middle quest i get puzzle with jump character and maceman

Me too. But after about 8 games it gave me a new quest.

well at least you get sth solvable. i’m getting furago only, i have him in all 3 slotz, n he replaces with himself over n over.
( dont stand any chance against him )

That is exactly the same puzzle I get.

So, I had exactly the same problem. Eventually, I gave up and starting playing the solo fights. Eventually, the solo fight got replaced with a different puzzle. Once I did that one, I went back to the bugged one, and it gave me a different puzzle. Then, I unlocked the 3rd quest slot, and it was the frogifyx2 puzzle for like 5 tries, and then it changed to Furago.
So, I FINALLY got out of it.

Hello! This has been happening to me a lot since I started playing yesterday. I am now at a point where I need two more hero levels to do anything other than puzzles. A bit stuck as far as solo play goes. The bug is happening for me on both 2nd and 3rd slot for solo play. If I get a hero it goes to one of the same 3 puzzles over and over again. I don’t mind the free gold but would much rather fight the heroes over puzzles :P. I rolled through puzzles till all are hero fights, and I hope this gets fixed soon so I can get back to testing my decks out against npc. The only one you get in practice mode is pretty aggro and not the best for testing imo.