Bug? Eredon's Drum

I was playing pandora today using a phantom coin
I had used eredon’s drum in the game a few turns prior
I played a seedling and a sagami elder and they did not have the +2/+2 buff.
I feel like I have used the drum before and that it had buffed cards from my deck/hand but am not 100% sure

Either way, if working as intended, then the description on the card needs to change and the cost needs to be lowered for only buffing creatures in play. The 2 mana +1/+1 x 6 feels far superior to 8 mana +2/+2 in the full fragment turns. But that’s just my opinion. I think the description on the drum suggests that it is intended to buff creatures in hand and deck as well. I am aware other people have posted about this issue but i havent been able to find an answer further than “will look into this”. Apologies if i missed it somewhere.

We’ll be fixing that in the patch we aim to implement today.