[BUG] Faeria crashed game

that happens some times in pandora, right before the game, and it counts like a loss… thats not fair, please help me with this

Hi Bunny,

We’re looking into why this is happening. Thanks for letting us know.

Thank you so much, let me know whats going on please

Hello! I’ve had the same thing happen to me.
I was using windowed mode and when I heard the “versus” sound I changed back into the game and it crashed.

Where do I send the file?

Thats exactly what happened to me, but i wasn’t in windowed mode, you can send the file clicking the Upload button in the tool bar, then u select the screenshoot that u want to send n_n

it happened again… now i hate to play pandora for that reason, why it counts like a loss, if i didnt play?, please fix it soon as posible, i want to play pandora again without problems and unfair losses

Can you send all bug reports (inc. files) via here please. We’ll pick it up and pass to the devs as soon as possible.

Same problem solved with :

  • Delete all game files
  • and reinstall the

*verify cache didn’t work (for me)