[Bug] Faeria stuck in versus screen

I’m stuck in versus screen. Even after close game, reboot pc, log in another pc, I can’t reach the main menu. After click Enter Game, Versus screen is showed and nothing more happening…

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They already maked an annoucment for it. Sadly it will be fixed in the morning (i guess 3-4hrs) im also stucked :smiley:

Oh, don’t see it.
thanks Yamerus

Also stuck, grrr
Now what do I do with my life?

Finaly could Login and no longer stuck in versus Screen :smiley:

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Any general fix announced ? Loving the game, but 1h after i bought, i now have the versus screen bug ! Hope it will be fixed soon, i’ll try in few hours !

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same bug just happened to me

im in the same bug… how can i fix it?

it`s happening again U.u :cry:

Happened to me to, been waiting for 4 hours now :frowning:

before I left for work it was like this came back hoping it was fixed still stuck at versus screen sadly.

Same here, the game keeps returning to the versus screen.

It seems like the client tries to reconnect to a game that does not exist anymore.

It started when my opponent disconnected at the end of a Pandora match.

Well, it’s been 4 days since I simply cant play. I tried reinstalling it, restarting my pc, loging into another pc and it just won’t get better. I’m really expecting a solution here.
My problem also started and the end of a pandora match and since then it goes straight down to the versus screen. Someone please help us, it’s just not fair that we can’t play.

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