[Bug] [Fixed] New Interface Causing Game to Freeze

So apparently the fix was logging out and logging back on within the game. I don’t know why it was even freezing the first place… I’m going to leave this here in case other people have this problem.

Original post:

So after the new update, whenever I log on it says something along the lines of

"Welcome to the new interface let’s get started by making your first deck"

And it will only let me click on the button that takes me to my collection.
After that it will only allow me to click on the “New Deck” button, however once I click on it THE GAME FREEZES AND I HAVE TO FORCE QUIT OUT OF IT.

It is the same cycle literally every time I open the game.

I’m happy for the new interface, however I wish I could actually play the game…


The logging in an out did not work for me. I used the ingame logout.
It ran for like 3 minutes and them freeze,