Bug fixes - July 19th

We’ve brought the servers down briefly to apply the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash involving opening Mythic chests
  • Fixed a crash that occured when claiming Pandora run rewards with win count > 6
  • Fixed some Pandora runs that sometimes could not be started due to gremlins
  • Now displays a clear message when trying to start a Pandora run with enough chests to complete your collection for those who do not own the DLC and attempt a “normal” Pandora run.
  • Fixed a problem where Fall of Everlife puzzles could not be replayed
  • All Oversky islands should now be unlocked for those players who completed the first island before the 2.0 update
  • Mythic Chests will no longer be able to contain the same lore page as your Daily Quest.
  • Pandora shard count bar no longer overflows when it contains 6 digits
  • Fixed a crash involving the reconnection panel in the login screen
  • Fixed accounts that were not able to purchase Goki anymore after it was finished
  • Fixed an issue where cards were not displayed in crafting mode
  • You can no longer use witchcraft to open lore pages that you do not own.
  • Corrected various text
  • Art is now properly credited in Lore pages.
  • Fixed a problem where some shop items that should have been purchasable with gems or shards were only purchasable with gems.
  • Mythic Pandora now properly give Pandora Points

Thank you for your reports! There are a few known issues that still remain, including the inability for Chinese players to connect to Faeria in some circumstances. We will be able to fix this next week!