Bug found

This is my 2nd day of playing, 1st pandora run, and I run into a bug which gave me my last loss ending 5-3, very disheartening.
I had the multiple choice card “The Emperor’s Command” and I miss clicked the option I wanted, but I had no way to cancel the spell, or the choice after that. I hope that isn’t intentional since it just adds a bad game experience.
Does anyone know where to report this to some sort of customer support? Other games usually give some sort of refund when you lose due to bugs, thanks in advance.

Unfortunately that’s intentional. For future reference however https://www.faeria.com/bugs is where you submit bug reports.
If you wanted to make your opinion known on the issue here was a good place to post though, or on the Official Faeria Discord in the #Feedback channel.
For what it’s worth I agree with you. :slight_smile:

I too agree. I think we’ve all misclicked and felt the sting

I think the idea is that once you’ve dropped the event, you’ve played it (so it’s too late to go back). I also think it may have to do with the fact that, some time ago, right clicking anywhere on the field would open the emotes (awfull design). Now that the right click is free, I think it could be used to cancel some actions.

The things that always got me is derelict tower, I drop the mouse on the derelict tower when I don’t want to use it, and guess what happens ><

I think that would be nice, but to be fair, it would not change my experience much. In Faeria, you’re strongly encouraged to think through your whole turn before taking any action, possibly making an halt after each card draw. So over time, it becomes rarer to use the mouse without knowing exactly what action you’ll take and it’s precise effect.