Bug: game got hung on loading a puzzle quest

Completed a puzzle quest and got the reward.

Second puzzle quest, the game got stuck on the loading screen. I could see simply my mouse move around as a little shiny ball connected to the shiny line (as if I was performing an attack or a spell action), which appears in the screenshot. Just had to close the application.

I reloaded the game and tried the same puzzle quest again. (Jalmyr Puzzle #47). It’s a buggy puzzle or my install is corrupted because each time I load this puzzle it gets hung. When I reloaded the game a third time, it took me directly into the puzzle and only loaded one creature and no cards. I hit the reset button and it hung everything up again.

Hello Oxyjoe, sorry about the problems. I send it forward to the developers.

Could you please let us know which OS you are running and what version of Faeria you have currently? You can see it in the bottom-left corner of the game.
Thanks and sorry!

Puzzle #47 being bugged is indeed a known issue at this time. You may be able to work around it now by alt-F4ing out of the puzzle then restarting Faeria, but we’ll be fixing it soon.

Thanks for your attention and for the record, I’m using windows 10 64 bit, and the version is 0.9.6186.34667. fyi you get the award for longest version number in online ccg history