[BUG] Issues with the french translation

The French version of some of the last added cards are troublesome. It seems to be an issue with the layout code.

  • Emperor’s command (Commandement de l’empereur)
    The card’s text is entirely in upper case, and then replicates it without the option mention in lower case.
    When the card is used, the three possibilities are blank (the card works normally if you know the order).

  • Illusion of grandeur
    Charge ability and faeria cost read “CHARGEL2” and “FAERIAL1” respectively.

  • Krog’s dinner
    Faeria cost is miswritten too.

I check the whole set, and these are the only ones witch occurred to be misprinted. The other new cards are fine.

Edit : I may add that I’m on the linux client.

Hello Mjambon !

Thank you so much for the information ! :slight_smile:
I checked the french translation sheet today and discovered we have made some mistake with the code symbols, that induced these wrong text cards. I corrected them and they should be fixed in game with the next patch.

Thanks again and have fun on Faeria ! :yak:


The mistakes haven’t been fix despite recent updates.

Hello ^^
I think it is because they didn’t load the french sheet because it was only minor changes. But it should come live soon :wink:
Thanks anyway for the information :ear_of_rice:

Hello, reopening the thread, I’ve seen the card “Vent d’éclair” (cost 0, requires 3 sands) with an untranslated body. Faeria v2.7.1.18654 (MacOs)

English body “Move a friendly creature or pay (2) and move an enemy creature.” could be translated to “Déplacez une créature alliée ou payez (2) et déplacez une créature ennemie.”

Also, a carriage return is missing for the card “Mur de vignes” (cost 1, requires 2 forests), between the words “Provocation” and “Dernier Voeu” (right now displayed “ProvocationDernier Voeu”).


The story page of Fuguro contains a typo: “Les merveilles de ce royaume ont enflammé sont cœur d’un désir ardent et inextinguible”, remove the -t and write “son cœur”.