[BUG (?) ] Jeweled Magpie -> The World's Tear

If Jeweled Magpie generates a copy of The World’s Tear, that copy of The World’s Tear does not trigger and is uncastable on the Jeweled Magpie, and you clearly have attacked a god that turn.

Intended or not?

This is something that pops up with a few different card interactions that I think is intended, or at least hasn’t been fixed by the devs. Basically, the card “didn’t exist” at the time when a condition was met, so the card isn’t affected. In this case, the World’s Tear doesn’t exist yet when you attack the God with the Magpie, so it doesn’t read as an attack has happened on your turn.

Still the text does not say that a creature that attacked a god while this was in your hand, only “a creature that attacked a god this turn”. That requirement is clearly met. This is confusing and annoying.

I met this too.
I think the bug should be fixed by changing the text to read, as Xiarros said, “while in your hand” (and possibly deck, too). Because otherwise it’s majorly, randomly OP, especially as it has haste so there’s not much strategy required to hit the orb.

Same goes with Soul Eater. It doesn’t gain from friendly deaths before you received the card (say via three wishes). IMHO it’s again the text that needs an update.

Perhaps it would be best to add a bold term - something like “monitor” with the description “can be influenced by happenings while in deck or hand”. (happenings, because “events” could be ambiguous).