[Bug] Land placement

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I’ve been playing today for the first time, and thrice already I’ve found myself in the situation that when I try to place the land I can’t and my land placement phase is cancelled out - so in the end I’m left out without a land or card draw. I think this bug happens when I start to move a unit, then cancel it, then try to place the land - it always happened with a lake as well (I thought it might happen when there’s no possible land placements on the field, but then I remembered that I still had plains on the board I could have turned into a lake). It happened twice in my last game, so if there’s some sort of replays system I’ll be happy to show it.


Thanks for letting us know about this; I’ve raised a bug report which i’ll pass to the Devs now.

Happened yesterday again in Pandora run - I tried to place a lake as the first thing during my turn and it went straight to being cancelled out

Bumping this for a land placement bug I just had in a Pandora run. My opponent was somehow able to place a desert not connected to any land of his, behind my own line of land and within one hex of my god. Judging by the card history, nothing he or any of his creatures had triggered this ability; is there a rule about land placement I’m not aware of regarding “hopping” into unclaimed space? Or was this a bug?

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I’ve created a bug report for this too.

Remember that your opponent can place land next to one of his creatures. So - if he had a creature far out, next to your god, then yes, he can put a land on that space.


Whoa, I don’t think I picked that up from the tutorial. Suddenly yellow decks just became my new friend. Flyyyyyy!

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