[BUG] Logs-out after surrendering

Game logs me out every time I surrender ir ranked game. Win10 OS

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Same here. Happens for stop spectating too, and surrendering in pandora games. Win7.

Various versions of this Log-out bug appear to be happening to users. It seems to go away and does not appear to persist. Keep us updated @fairygardens !

Now it logs me out when I accept a friend request or delete a deck. ><

The previous thing about surrendering case hasn’t changed.

I’m sorry to hear about that @fairygardens I hope your problem get fixed soon.

Sorry to hear that. Surrendering doesn’t crash for me anymore, I think. I don’t surrender often. The other things don’t crash too, but it now takes a lot longer for the game to launch.

I have the same but while my opponent surrenders…or he Alt+F4 I don’t know…but game logs me out and when I log in again i have a star i ranked or a point in pandora… But it happens really almost every time :frowning:

I have had the same issue. usually it happens when i’m mining in solo mode, but it doesn’t happen all the time, and it’s kinda hard to pin down the exact instances when it happens.