Bug: Lord of Terror attacked by 0-Attack creature

Found what I believe is an interesting bug today. I attacked a Lord of Terror with my 0/3 Magda, and received 2 damage to my own life points despite the LoT not taking any actual damage from the attack (ostensibly a bug). The next turn, my opponent attacked Magda with the LoT, and I did not receive any damage (ostensibly correct behavior).

Unless this was some sort of weird one-time glitch, it leads me to believe that the code probably includes all instances of “being attacked” into “taking damage” - which is inconsistent with the card’s text. Obviously a pretty uncommon circumstance, but still hoping this gets fixed. :slight_smile:

It might work like how deathtouch works in Magic: The Gathering. 0 Damage is still “Damage”, it’s just that the amount it deals is 0. 0 is still a value of damage, we just don’t think of it as one because the number 0 is always associated with nothing of something. I definitely don’t think it’s a bug though. Also, why were you attacking Lord of Terror with a Magda? (Oops, i missed a line when i skimmed through your post. The lord of terror attacking your magda and not dealing damage is probably a bug)

No, it’s not as in mtg, 0 damage doesn’t count as damage : look at deathtouch. 0 attack doesn’t disable you to attack, but you won’t deal any damage (same for khalim’s prayer if you attack the god with a 0 attack unit).

Yep, I just checked it, and you’re right. I have to go yell at someone.