Bug:Menu animations glitched and half of options disappeared...In game invisible ground etc

Hello developers and players I have really big bug…
When I start the game Faeria will load…After couple of seconds it will bring up a menu screen:
As you can see everything is black…When I click anywhere to start this happens:

I can’t see my avatar everything is bugged:
Next bugs are :
1 Can’t see card builder icon
2 Avatar is not showing
3 Daily quests are not showing on menu screen.
Now when I enter the booster pack this is how it looks:
Everything disappeared expect Friends icon,shop,settings and Rarity Gems…
When I open card builder:
There is a lot of bugs you can’t see factions…you can’t see info about cards etc
Then when I go to my avatar :
There is not too much but when you go to avatar orb or card back selection you can’t see anything
Next bug is daily quests :
Nothing too big but still buggy…
Next bug is: Shop
You can only see booster packs and status of my gold etc…
Next bug is in game:
First one is cards : Cards look buggy you can’t see their status and what they do.
And next one is the board :
Everything is buggy you can’t see avatars…then you can’t see ground…all monsters are floating you can’t see timer and what ground you can choose…
That’s all about this bug…Thank you for reading
Be sure to put suggestions In comments below thank you!
I can’t put more pictures because I’m new user sorry guys :confused:

wow thats a lot. for me only the pack opening is bugged so far.

theres no interface,
the packs are invisable,
when you click the packposion n drag it tothe middle you hear the packopening sounds BUT
you lose the pack and get no cards outa it.

Thanks for your bug report!

The developer team is aware of these issues, and are working on fixing them.


8am cest.
yesterday the interface worked again i also was able to open packs again.
now i ve the very same issue again, pack opening section has no interface, packs are invisable.
well, i knew what happened last time so i wont open any pack :disappointed_relieved:
( btw: will there be any refund? )

have to go a little indept.
when it happened first time i played on english in 1024x760 windowed mode. ( the interface bug )

yesterday there was apatch

the game turned german again and was 1900x1000 fullscreen again. with no interface bug.
i switched it back to windowed 1000x700, but didnt change the language.

today its still 1000x700 but it turned english for some reason. with interface bug.

it feels like some memorie issue, did you guys cancle yesterdays patch? or is there any auto backup system running i mean should be in terms of server stability? but reseting patch as well?!

Hmmmm…Weird.I will try re installing my game…

Was it fixed? I’m running into something extremely close atm.