[BUG? (no, resolved)] Puzzle #32 and #34 inconsistency [**SPOILER!**]

I just finished the puzzles #26 - #34 and noticed an interaction that I consider a bug:

Don’t read this, if you didn’t solve Puzzles #32 and #34 yet! The text below contains text which gives away the solution!

#32 you solved by attacking a Grim Guard twice, while having 3 weeping idols on the board. This resulted in your orb taking 2x 2 damage. However, you gained 12 (!) Faeria from it, so the Weeping Idols must’ve triggered 4 times each!
Weeping Idols text is: “_Whenever you are dealt damage, gain 1 faeria.”

Now, there are two ways I can think of, why they triggered 4 times each:

  • Either, they triggered from the damage dealt to the attacking creatures as well
  • or they triggered for EACH point of damage taken (grim guard deals 2 damage per combat = 4 total = 4 triggers)

then I got to #34 (the one with 3 wind soldiers, 2 weeping idols on board/1 in hand, Seifer’s Wrath, Life Drain and a enemies Seifer’s Fodder on board):
When I killed the Seifer’s Fodder with a Wind Soldier, all Weeping Idols triggered only ONCE, therefore, neither of the explanations above are correct: I received 2 points of damage from Seifer’s Fodder and my Wind Soldier was dealt damage.

Therefore, I assume it must be some weird interaction with damage dealt to you via a combat move that for some very illogical reason doesn’t work with damage dealt to you via last words. Another explanation would be, that my attacking creatures survived the attack in #32 (and therefore triggered), but didn’t survive in #34 (and therefore did not trigger the Idols). In any case, I find this very confusing, especially that two puzzles are build around the same interaction that, for some reason, behaves differently in each puzzle…
If Weeping Idols just trigger on an attacked creature that needs to survive this attack, then the text of Weeping Idol needs to be changed.

Did I miss anything? If this is not a bug, then I’d like a developer to clarify. :slight_smile:
Also, remember to put your answer in spoilers, as I don’t want anyone to spoil himself on these otherwise well done puzzles. :wink:

Spoilers ahead! (cool spoiler trick, didn’t know about it till this post)

In puzzle 32 you are taking 1 damage whenever one of your creatures dies from the bloodsinger, and since both your creatures die that attack the grimguards that is 4 instances of damages to you (2 grim guard hits + 2 blood singer triggers)

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Then we both learned something. :slight_smile:

I did indeed miss the Bloodsinger. Actually, I didn’t even notice it was there, when I solved the puzzle, lol!

Guess this thread can be closed then. x)