BUG - NullReferenceException!

I couldn’t login to the game anymore. I was doing a Oversky battle with a friend, crashed out, and couldn’t login anymore. As soon as I do, it tries to go back to the game in progress, where I get the same error that crashes me back to desktop.

Edit: After about 5 minutes the game was over/failed, and I could login.

I hope you fix this soon.

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Ok, same bug again. It appears to be when you play Frog-Tosser in the Sparky Oversky level…

I had the same bug playing frog tosser against Sparky when I killed a creature with its fight.

I’ve also filled a bug report on this one via “https://www.faeria.com/bugs”.

The thing is that… you play the Tosser… game crashes… you reconnect… and the Tosser is in your… but target(tossed one) is dead and no frog is summoned.

This null reference bug has happened from time to time in the game.