BUG Puzzle 3?

Is Puzzle #3 currently bugged?
Maceman 4/4 and Triton Warrior 4/4 (jump) against a Imperial Guard 2/3.

I hit the Guard with the Maceman, which I’d expect would die due to the Maceman having higher points, then trigger it’s ability to heal the avatar up to 4. However I’m finding that the Guard ends up on 2/1 health. If I then hit using the Triton Warrior the Guard dies and triggers it’s ability.

If I try with the Warrior first the Guard dies but the Maceman is out of reach to do anything to the avatar.

Watching vids on YouTube suggest this is bugged.

Can someone advise as it’s currently blocking my progression!

I just tried this in replay mode, got the same bug. Must have been introduced very recently, because I’ve done all the solo content over the past few days, so I was able to beat this puzzle at some point fairly recently.

Yeh I think it’s actually a bug with the Maceman card itself - See my other post after this one

i have same problem here, hope they realise and solve it

I also noticed this - it’s preventing me from being able to progress in the 2nd set of Solo quests, so please fix this!

It looks like the Maceman card isn’t working as a 4/4 but instead a 2/4! However the card still shows 4/4.

Just played a solo quest (not puzzle) and attacked a Living Willow (1/7) and instead of dropping to 1/3 it’s sat at 1/5.