Bug report ! puzzle #20 8/10 JALMYR I in sole model

Help! I cannot get through this round.
step1: using second “farm boy” get rid of PROECTION
step2: using ranged card get eliminated card “Queen’s favorite”
step3: doule +2/+0 buffer ,then the "farm boy " get 5 attack
step4: bug here ,when “farm boy” moves , its attack reduce to 3

This isn’t a bug. The puzzle is designed to teach you that you can move and attack in 2 separate actions, so give that a try and you should find the solution!

thks, but i try many times , when the “farm boy” move , the attack reduce to 3
cannot eliminate god , and game over

Like I said, you have to move the Farm Boy first without attacking. That will allow you to place the Barracks after you have moved him and have the right positioning to have 5 Attack when you hit the God.

maybe my fault, one piece land between god and “farm” boy
when it attack , it must pass then land . 5 attack reduce to 3

this round must win in one turn , so no moving without attacking

I don’t mean move then not attack this turn, I just meant move then not attack the Orb right away. You have to move the Farm Boy so you have your Barracks in the correct places to give him 5 Attack. So move him first, then play both of the Barracks so one will have to go on the space your Farm Boy started on beside the Well.

yep, i get thouht ,sorry for guys , no bugs

thks a lot, get through this round , and got one lenged card , lol