Bug Report: Random in game freezes

There have been several instances in each game I play where I go to make any sort of move aside from drawing an extra card or unit of mana and the game will freeze on me while the “turn timer” continues to count down. In some instances this would happen just before the end of my turn when I need to make one final move and I am timed out.

 So far I have found that the most common instances are when I either A) attempt to summon a minion B) select a minion already on the playing field just before attempting to move it or C) when I select a minion to gift it with an event card. 

Have others experienced this issue as well?
  • Thank you

    • mcnuggets910

I experienced this too ! But I think it is, in most of the cases, due to my internet connection.

I’ve pretty much narrowed the issue down to connection issues as well. I had the desktop connected via WiFi and soon after directly connecting it to the router, everything seemed to have cleared up!