BUG -- Shieldled creature could not be reshielded if born with shield and lost it?

There is a lot of bug nowadays and I think it is one of them. It happened once.

  1. My creature was born with shield.
  2. It fought and lost it’s shield.
  3. I put a new shield on it but it did not appear.

Either the shield did not work ot it just did not appear for me. (Nowadays there is a lot of bug for me with not appearing things. If I remember correctly my opponent gave up, so it might be that he saw the shield. Or he had something better to do…)

This happens to me consistently when I apply shield to a creature twice in the same turn (eg, shield, attack, shield). In my case at least, the shield is always there (it blocks damage), it’s just not shown the 2nd time.

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