[BUG] Turn Ending (timed out) during target selection, bugged the game

From a bug perspective: I played a Huntmaster while I had another unit on the board (Oakfather) but didn’t select a unit before my turn timed out. It ended my turn, but then the Oak Father was completly unselectable for the remainder of the game, (3+ more turns) It couldn’t more or attack. Obviously some sort of bug

From a feedback perspective: I thought I was playing an Ancient Beastmaster and accidentally played the huntmaster, I could not find any why to undo playing the huntmaster. Not wanting to pull my unit away from its Faeria collection I timed out my turn instead of moving it hoping it would let him stay. Obviously it bugged out instead. If it was possible to cancel playing a card up until you finish all the selection(s) the situation wouldn’t have happend. In the long run allowing cancellation would be the more helpful solution to this particular bug.

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve fed this back to the Devs.