[bug] Unfinished pandora draft reroll?

Hello. I’ve started a practice multiplayer pandora draft at 24th of April, got a choice that I had to think about, and decided to postpone it. At 25th of April I’ve launched the game, proceeded to the pandora and was very surprised to see that the cards had changed. Restarted the game, but the cards remained the same. I wonder if it was a one-time update-related bug or something more consistent. Unfortunately, I’ve already finished practice draft for today, but if someone is curious enough to try it, I’d highly appreciate if you will draft a pandora deck (not sure if being practice or multiplayer is important) and leave it overnight. Also, testaments from people who had encountered the similar bug may be useful too.
What I had on April, 24th:

What I’ve got on April, 25th:

To be clear: it’s the same draft, I hadn’t just started a new one (unfortunately, at the very first step of the draft only the locked forests are witnesses for my defence).

Even less evidence to provide (no screenshots, anything), but I’ve also encountered this in the past. At the time I thought it had happened because there was server maintenance after I paused the draft.