Bug with Grappling Hook

Ok, so I was playing a game with a Crackthorn-ish deck, and I had an axe grinder set up, I targeted it with grappling hook and killed an enemy Twinsoul Spirit. It is very important I make it clear that axe grinder did not die from this. My opponent then played another Twinsoul Spirit and passed the turn. This is what happened:

If you noticed, the game treated my axe grinder as if t didn’t exist, because I can’t summon lands near it or move it. It also did not harvest the turn that picture was taken, which was during my turn.

In this next picture, my creature essentially doesn’t exist, or at least that’s the way the game is displaying it, because my opponent’s creature is occupying the same space, again I need to make it clear, my creature had not died earlier in the game. Anyway, here’s the picture:

Anyway, I don’t expect this thread to change anything, but I want to vent and hopefully get the word out about what I think is a bug. Thanks for reading, and if you want to try to discredit me, don’t be unnecessarily aggressive. It doesn’t help.

Hey Cynic! This is a known bug. Creatures that are given hook and attack an enemy creature with no available lands next to it will be bugged (they can’t collect, be targeted, moved, and may be walked over as seen in your screen shot). The team is currently working on a fix.

Thanks for the reply! It’s good to know you guys are aware of this.