Bug with reconnect and Gift

I’m just playing through solo mode, and I found an issue with the reconnect system. I’m trying to play a Gift creature (create a forest, not random) and the game starts lagging (not sure if my connection or server issues) as I’m targeting where to place the forest. I get disconnected, and after I come back the creature is already in play and I don’t get to place the forest anywhere. Shouldn’t it go back to my hand if I failed to target the gift?

When you play a creature with gift, once the creature is placed on the board, you can’t take it back, but only choose what to use your gift on.

In normal play there’d be probably two explanations what happened:

  1. Either your turn was over when you returned, therefore the gift was lost.
  2. Or, when you clicked, the land WAS actually placed, but due to your connection loss, the visual transformation of ocean -> forest didn’t happened. There are currently some issues with land replacement cards, like Shifter of Tides and Meteor. Sometimes the game doesn’t correctly apply changes to an already placed land. So the land is actually where it should be, it just doesn’t appear as that.

Since you played solo mode, there’s no timer for you, so 2) might be what happened, as you already clicked. (Though it’d be the first time, I hear of an issue with actual land placement (instead of REplacement of an existing land tile)).
Have you tried to create a land in the spot where you clicked on? If the land was actually there and the game just didn’t show it to you, you should’ve been able to place/move a creature on it (indicated by the bright circle when choosing where to summon it).

However, explanation 1) might still apply, if the disconnection cancels your gift, just like a run out timer would.

In case timer runs out, shouldn’t it be placed at random ?

I don’t think so. Iirc, other undecided gift placements aren’t used as well, when your timer runs out. (And it’s considered as abuse, if you let your timer run out intentionally in order to not use, for instance, the second movement of Shifter of Tides.)