Bug with rewards (pandora run)

Greetings, well, that’s basically my question. I’m not being rewarded everytime I complete a pandora run!! I have done twice but it’s still bugged and kind of annoys me. Try to fix it asap!

Are you doing a full pandora run or just a phantom run? (i.e. is the run over at 2 losses/ 3 wins or at 3 losses/9 wins)

If you are doing phantom runs, then there are no rewards for a 0 win run. And the reward for a 3 win run is a third of a Pandora coin, which will give you a visible reward, but the reward won’t be obvious from the GUI once you leave the “Rewards” screen. Upong getting three 3 win phantom runs, you will have gotten the real reward of an actual Pandora coin.

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oH, I just win 2 matches, i have never won 3. Maybe that’s all the issue?

For practice runs, 1 win = 100g, 2win = 200g, 3win = 1/3 pandora coin. For pandora coins 2 wins should give you a battle chest and 1000g.