BUGS: Flash Wind

I’ve noticed a pretty devastating bug concerning the card Flash Wind. When clicking on this card, you have to choose between 2 variants - to move your creature or pay 3 faeria more and move an enemy creature instead.
THE FIRST BUG: almost in all situations, clicking on this card results in instant use of either the first or the second option - you don’t have any choice, and the game just decides instead of you what card description variant is preferrable to use. THE SECOND BUG: when the first bug appeared, and you have to move an enemy creature instead of yours intially planned, you simpy just can’t abandon the use of the card - because in these situations, players should be able to use ESC button to prevent the card use. But not in this game…
These bugs ruin all game strategies and mechanics based on flying desert creatures. Please fix them

Did you have yourself a creature to move, as well as an enemy creature and the game forced the choice of moving an enemy creature ? I know that if you have only one option available, then the game chooses for you and you can’t cancel (which sucks), but if you had the 2 options available, then that’s new and it sucks even more :confused:

Maybe you are right, and I just had not enough faeria to move an enemy creature, so the game decided for me. To be honest, I don’t remeber, I just know that this situation has happened a bunch of times. As for the second bug I described - it was a common practice when I couldn’t cancel the card use by clicking ESC. I think that if that is not a bug, it still needs to be fixed, 'cause players may misclick on the card spell, and then they should have their right for cancelling the spell which has not been already used (if it has 2 options to choose).

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I absolutely agree. I’ve asked for it for a few months already. When you haven’t resolved anything (like drawing a card for instance), then you should absolutely been able to cancel your choice, even simply because that’s the behavior people would normally expect.

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Hi, can you show me a gif or video of this happening to you, please?

I’ve tried to replicate the issue, where only enemies creatures on board and therefore only one option is available, but it still allows me to choose either option.

Thanks for your help with this.

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I’ll try to make a video or a gif within a couple of days.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I tried 2 mins ago to use Flash Wind on my creature with the enemy creature on the board and enough faeria to move it. The result is the card worked well, maybe I had insuffificent faeria to move a creature when I initially reported the bug. But it’s still impossible to cancel the card use when you don’t want to play it. Maybe that needs to be fixed?