Bugs, Glitches and Missleading discription

There is a problem with Seed Sewer. In the discription of his Gift ability it says “randomly create a forest on an adjacent tile”. But in-game it keeps happening that sometimes when I play a Seed Sewer and there are unoccupied tiles of water, + some enemy territory, the forest doesnt appear. And even if I play him in the center of 7 tiles, that all belong to me, but few have forest on them and the other are plain – the forest still might not apperar, even though there are no enemy tiles near. This really messes up the game and annoys.

Then, the second thing a Red card, Volcanic creature, 7/7, 11 mana to cast originally, is a marksman. Well, you understood. The original text in English says, that it gets discounted for 1 mana every turn, that you dealt damage to the opponents fase. Now in Russian version the discription is totally different – it says: gets discounted for 1 mana every time you kill an enemy creature.

The third thing is glitching of the special land tile, in my case – the lake. There were around 15 creature on the board and when opponent(Hoaka) played water elemental and created a lake on his own simple land, that tile with land on it started to glitch – the lake was disappearing and reappearing again.

Thnx. Will find you more things to polish and make this unique game even better.

Regarding the Volcanic Colossus Russian text specifically, we will be fixing this on our localization pass coming up for B2P.

Thanks for the reports@