Building a collection efficiently without pandora

If I remember rightly, the 100 gold for the first win of the day still applies (at least for me). The difference is, before the patch you could get the first win gold boost even in Casual mode. Now it only applies to Ranked. Also, I don’t understand why, when selecting the Battle mode, the selected button becomes darker instead of lighter - in most games, it’s the opposite…

I think the important part is that you know which one was selected :smiley:
Never even notived that

Booger do you have a recruiter? If you are lvl 15 or less it gives a couple boxes and pandora coins.

I’ve checked today about the First Win thing… I remembered wrong. They Did remove it. Now all you get is an announcement (although what’s the point of an announcement if the reward’s the same as in all other cases??)

lvl 31 now. yeah been playing everyday, but mostly 1 practice run and daily quests only. Solo mission I need 4k to buy new one…

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I guess they didn’t bother changing the message. It’s even worse in practice pandora when you get 2 losses and the text says claim your prize but there is nothing. It only upsets and confuses new players.

But they up the gold from leveling and wins so removing 100g for first win is more than compensated. It’s a good change for players.

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I agree. I wish they still gave players a small reward for winning in Practice Pandora - maybe 50 gold for each win. Winning twice and getting nothing for it means there’s no point in doing the practice run unless you are sure you’ll win 3 games. Especially as winning in Pandora is harder than in Battle, due to both players having the same “deck power” and the cards being pretty random.

I fully agree with OP. I’ve only been playing for a week now (level somewhere in the lower 20s), and I like the game mechanics and the whole card/board game mix. But I’m already starting to get bored and just logging in for the daily quest, simply because your collection grows so slowly, so there’s nothing more to try out, rebuild your decks and so on. I played through the solo missions as far as I can, but now I have to grind for at least a week to be able to do the next one.

It feels like the devs are trying to force you towards Pandora. Maybe they themselves don’t like constructed? I already feel there is too much luck involved even with constructed - which cards you get from packs, whether or not you get any epics or legendaries, which cards you draw in-game, the level of the opponent (which usually says something about how many cards they have available). I really don’t want to be forced to add yet another few layers of luck through Pandora - which cards you get to choose from, which cards your opponents get to choose from (I did probably 5 practice runs so far, and every opponent barring 1 or at most 2 had a legendary to use, and nice treasures, while I have no legendaries and useless treasures).

In my opinion they could make Pandora better by not forcing you to select from 5 cards every time, but rather just show you all 150 cards, and allow to make a deck from that - at least you then have a chance at some synergy in your deck, instead of hoping that the choices you make for the first few cards (the most important of which I guess would be which color(s) to go for) define your deck for better or worse. Or maybe have a fixed number of legendaries for everyone, and the ability to reroll your first epic and legendary cards for a new set so you at least have some chance at a reasonable “power card”.

But most of all I would like to see that for progression it doesn’t matter if you’re spending an hour on constructed play or on Pandora.