Building a collection efficiently without pandora

I’m a long time fan of TCG, having started without MTG at a time it was almost unknown and never gotten sick of it since then.

However I’ve never been fond of drafts, that I find to be too much about luck, and thus, I’m not fond if pandora mode at all.
Alas, to play outside pandora, I need a consequent collection, and struggle to harvest cards outside pandora.

I’ve done every training I could, and now don’t have the gold to keep going, and now feel stuck with 400 (daily quest) plus around 15 by battle
Unlocking a training sequence cost me 4500… which is like 8-9 days long… meanwhile I earn almost no new card except for big level ups…
I’m a supportive kind of player, I do spend money, but I take as a personal rule to never buy cards with it, so my victories stay all the results of my efforts (I buy a lot of cosmetics, instead)

Soooo my development seems very slow to me. It’s like 8-9 days to unlock a new training sequence, against most TCG where I can earn about two boosters per days… and on some TCGS, a booster is 12-15 new card, with a granted epic in it.

Is there a way for me to develop my collection faster without using money in it or playing pandora?

I guess not. You have the daily quest which is at least 400 gold (also quests which earn more gold), and the first win of the day grants you 100 gold if 'm right. Leveling up also rewards you with some gold / cards You could consider buying Goki who gives you 5000 gold right away and at least 300 gold a day.

Only way I can think of is recruiting. But there’s a limit for that too. You can win prizes if you get into tournament… May be ask the devs for chests instead of pandora coins from ranking up in ladder games.

Pandora is very rewarding, but there are also daily login rewards and quests, level rewards, first win rewards. It’s true that Ranked play alone isn’t a good deal for grinding chests, since people play it for other reasons. The heightened rewards are probably the main draw for Pandora mode for most players, so they keep it populated even though it doesn’t, for instance, count toward the monthly cups.

One thing to consider when you look at the chests is that there are not that many cards in the game and you get to reroll one every chest, so your complete collection will advance a lot faster than it would in many other CCGs, even if you’re not taking advantage of the Pandora rewards.

Which games are those? I’ve played probably every popular CCG and I can’t think of any that meet those specifications.

I am in the same boat. My favorite part of a ccg is making decks. Most games seems to focus all their rewards on their draft/limited mode. I prefer constructed but sadly the rewards are never that great (other than dailies). Only game i played with each pack having an epic in is Eternal. That is the way most paper cards games have booster packs.

Well, sadly, it became even worst now I finished all the solo missions. Grinding for a deck is pretty long, and I’m already fed up with Pandora.
I can almost say if I’m going to have good or poor result just seeing which treasures I happened to draft… That doesn’t interest me at all.

None of my 9/X runs were treasure based. Actually, most of them my treasures were an afterthought.

You can play (yellow) rush. Most games end before the pandora phase.

Have you looked at Cappuccino’s Pandora Tier List? It’s great for drafting and evaluating values of different cards and treasures. Luuu’s Pandora guide and Aquablad’s are really good. There is some luck involved with treasures but it doesn’t determine the outcome of every game.

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I feel the same way as OP. As a new player, I’m having a hard time finding gold. 30g for a win seems way too cheap. I know Pandora is a good way to build collection, but it cost 2000g to enter. Even assuming I win every practice run, that’s 3 days to make 1 coin. The dailies are 400g plus the login reward I can manage to get into pandora maybe every other day, then quickly get rip apart by the veterans.

The game itself is great, but I think as a new game, the dev is being a little too stingy on the rewards and if I end up not playing this game again that would be the reason.

do your pandora practice run every day, this can give you access to a real pandora coin after a few days.
but yeah, currently pandora is the way to go to make your collection grow…

I don’t think the dev are stingy, just too focused on pandora.
There are lot of people who like draft, I get it, but the other are not neglectable either, but feel like they are neglected.

Today my daily routine is daily reward, daily quest, and… that’s all. I feel that I lose my time playing more than this. 30 gold per match only… if I win, is just completly neglectable, and my decks are just lacking too much cards to give me the desire to play just to play.

I have just finished the solo missions, so now I can concentrate on spending my gold on battle chests. Each chest costs 1000 gold, and contains 5 cards, (including one of higher than common rarity, which you can reroll)

The daily login reward is a minimum of 120 gold, with 600 awarded once a fortnight, and a free battle chest also awarded once a fortnight. The daily quests take no more than 30 mins to do and award, on average, 400 gold each. Playing Ranked battles gives 100 gold for your first win of the day. Leveling up happens once every 4 battles and also awards 100 gold. Which makes a total of 720 gold a day minimum, meaning you can buy yourself a battle chest every other day.

Some tips:
If a battle chest awards you a Mythic card, disenchant it immediately! Even a Common Mythic gives 10 Memoria, while an identical non-Myrhic takes only 5 to craft. So you can disenchant 1 and craft 2!
If you get a Legendary, test it in battle first. If it disappoints you, disenchant it as well! This will give you 80 Memoria - enough to craft either 16 Commons or 4 Rares of your choice.
When taking a look at your collection, make sure you have the Show Mythics button pressed. And don’t forget the Disenchant all in Excess button, which lets you get rid of surplus cards you can’t use

Sorry if this sounds patronizing, but I hope it helped!

Is this true? Every 4 wins will level you up? regardless if you are level 20 or 200? I’d think from other games experience the leveling requirement progressively gets higher as you go up.

And I still think 30g per win feels like a drop in the bucket since everything is 1k or more to buy.

Game wins are supposed to be minimal rewards, since the devs put a lot of weight in gaining as much for loosing as you do for winning. And yes, at level 70, I still level up every 3-4 games. Which is amazing, really.

I’m level 164 and it’s basically the same. It wont change :smiley:
But the rewards won’t be better too…

so 2 days in a row I won a match in Ranked play, and only got 30g. Where is this first win of the day 100g that you guys are talking about?

They cancelled the first win of the day 100g to raise the gold per game. It’s in the 3/29 patch notes.

I’ve finished all the single player mission, have 11 Pandora coins and am doing practice runs but my problem is that I am useless playing Pandora mode. Give me a ranked or casual match and I will do pretty well… give me a Pandora practice run… I will lose 2-1. I don’t like the randomness…

Also, with Mythic cards, do they do anything special or are they just prettier cards?!? I’ve notice I can get 10 memoria from 1 while I only get 1 from its regular card.

They are only prettier cards, don’t do anything special. Yeah, they are great for crafting.

I’m currently level 53 or so (too lazy to look it up :slight_smile: ). For the last 10 levels or so, I have been leveling at a rate of a quarter level per loss and a third of a level per win. I also know that, ever since the level cap has been removed, the leveling speed “resets” once every 100 levels, i.e it slows down until you reach 100, but getting to 101 is as quick as going from 1 to 2. So you could say that levels come in waves :slight_smile:

For 1,000 gold you can buy a battle chest with 5 cards. I’ve already told you the crafting strategy in my previous post. Once your collection is complete (mine is already about two thirds of the way there), you can just accumulate gold for cosmetics, and spend some money occasionally if you want something quickly. As Chimaera pointed out above, purchase Goki for a gold boost.