Buying the full collection should level you up

I’ve been thinking on how to alleviate the feeling of unfairness some free players feel when meeting in a match a player who’s bought the whole collection. Said feeling is present for instance in several Steam reviews. Personally when playing a game for free I don’t mind it, after all there’s little difference to the experience whether the person in front of you got his cards because he did hours upon hours of grinding (started playing before you, or has more free time than you) or because he spent some money (so he did his grinding at work :stuck_out_tongue: ). Some players however are quick to apply the “pay-to-win” label to games when meeting a player loaded with legendaries.

So I think that to fix at least one perception issue, buying the full collection should bump your level up rather high. This way even when few people are queuing up, newbies will never play against a Lvl 2 player who then proceeds to drown them in legendaries. At least when you meet a high-level player you blame the matchmaking or the low player count - it’s not as bad as the pay to win label.