BuyToPlay Question

When the Buy to Play is implemented, will our current chests that we have acquired transfer over?

According to the “New Economy” article of Faeria Friday, they will!

Good coz I have been hoarding them :stuck_out_tongue: my collections so close to completing that I only get a new card like every 10 chests or so. cant wait for B2P

You could continue hoarding chests, or you could open them all, disenchant the excess and craft the cards you don’t have yet. The Legendaries would not be craftable in the future, so craft them now if you need to. If you have any unused memoria at the end of it all, they will be converted to shards after B2P transition.

Arent the new chests going to be guaranteed to give cards you dont have a complete set of? I assume that will also include legendaries (at a much rarer rate)?

From what I understood, the old chests are going to remain in the old format. You could be right though. Your call. I already have the complete collection of non-mythics, so this doesn’t apply to me.

The no duplicate rule means that those players who already have all the cards of other rarities are going to get nothing but legendaries form the new chests, so they aren’t necessarily “rarer”.

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