Came back to check out the expansion. Think i'm done now

Im super upset that I can’t craft mythics anymore because my goal/fun/drive was to complete my green collection. Who knows how long it could take now, what even are the odds ill get my mythic ruunin now? Bet its pretty abysmal.

Also the buy to play model makes it harder (and it was already hard) for me to try to talk friends into picking up this game to play with me.

It’s true you can’t craft mythics but you don’t get duplicates in mythic chests too. If you have a big stockpile of shards, it’s actually quite fast to build up mythic collection… I know someone who has just completed his mythic collection by opening mythic chests.

You could tell your friends that they will be Saving money in the long run. The no duplicates rule makes it very easy to build a collection. Much more honest than “free” CCGs charging for card packs while giving players no control whatsoever over what they will be getting and making them more likely to over-spend.