Can Krog get a buff?

I know he is a meme card, but I still think even meme cards could/should be at least somewhat balanced.
I think it would be nice in general, if high cost creatures that don’t have a really good gift/last words ability would see more play, but Krog seems especially weak to me.
First off: with his 2/12 stats he is in Aurora’s trick and chocking sands range, which is pretty bad for such a high cost card.
Secondly he is weaker than Magnus (who doesn’t even really see play himself). Krog’s stats are a little bit better (although he would lose the 1v1 and as mentioned above is more susceptible to removal) but his abilities also seem much worse.
Imho, he would be quite a bit worse, even if he didn’t cost more than Magnus.
He could of course be more balanced by changing his stats or something like that but I think giving him another unique ability, would make him more interesting. At the moment he feels so much like a weak version of Magnus. I could for example imagine giving him immunity to opposing events, to underscore his bulky nature or something similar.


I very much agree. Its frustrating for learning players like me who naively chose Krog as a level reward and then discovered it’s virtually unplayable.

Currently Krog is 12 cost with 2 attack and 12 health with a combat ability (draw a card, it costs 7 less)

Here are some buffing ideas which I think would be suitable:

A) +1 attack, taunt, -2 health -1 faeria discount from combat

Which would make him:
12 cost, 3 attack, 10 health, taunt, combat: draw a card, it costs 6 faeria less

My preferred choice thematically and mechanically – taunting is thematic with his trollish, playful style (as seen in the single player encounters). With his size he certainly looks like he should have more than 2 attack power. He’s safe from Aurora’s trick (taking control of a 12 cost card is just ridiculous). With taunt he actually becomes useful as a defender. A 12-health taunter is probably a bit too impenetrable, so his health should go down to 10. There would also be more cards attacking him, so his combat bonus could decrease slightly.

B) +2 attack and -2 cost

C) +1 attack -3 cost

I’d be interested to hear what others think.

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I play Krog in a deck with blue enchant so he can become a 12/12 for 14 with the ability to then make the other cards in your deck free. I’d say I actually get him out in this deck about 1/5 games due to his cost, but still find it an effective option once he’s out.

I would like to see him cheaper, maybe 10 instead of 12 but I don’t think it’s the worst imbalance in the game.

What about:

  • Gift: Gives +0/+1 to all adjacent units.
  • Last Word: Spawns a Farm Boy where he died.

That’s kinda kingy.

:fearful: did he swallow a whole farm boy?


He swallowed ALL the farm boys…
Every. Single. One.

I like option A personally. It makes the card more viable, and I can see a green/red where you play krog, buff him, then he just ramps out of control.

I was kinda thinking squire (who is no longer a squire). Or you could have a little Kroglet spawn?

That gets me thinking of a possible red hard removal: Krogify. :slight_smile:


Haha! How about:

Krogify (2f): destroy one unit adjacent to Krog. Krog gains attack and health equal to that creature’s.

Picture of a Triton Trainer trying to scramble out of a cooking pot.


That’s awesome! It totally fits with him being the trolling king of ogres!