...can neutral be a color?

I think it is too bad that neutral (or ‘plains’,) isn’t really as playable of a ‘color’ as the other 4.

you can argue that the land makes up for the crummy cards themselves – but not really.

…I’m just saying, I kind of like the plains cards, and kind of wish they were slightly more playable vs colored.



Random characters to fill the void of this post that goes against what the system things is just and right. There is a minimum of 10, right? Might have overdone it slightly.

I once stayed up until morning to play in the monthly qualifiers, only to be knocked out in the first round by Neutral rush. :faeriasecurity:

I thought you were going to ask about the Time of Legends card :slight_smile: It would have been great if the choice of colours for ToL included Neutral…

I am still trying to figure out a good neutral deck. We need more steam punk style cards so I can make my dishonored theme deck :relaxed: